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Why should I call you for windshield/auto glass replacement?

At Siri Auto Glass, on top of fast, friendly and professional service, we also offer the lowest prices and only use high quality materials.

Will you come to my location?

Yes! Siri Auto Glass provides mobile service. We'll come to wherever you're located in Missouri City - your home, office etc.

What if I just need a windshield rock chip/crack repair?

No problem! If you just need a rock chip/crack repair, we'll repair your current windshield. We'll even do it for free! click here

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Auto Glass Replacement

Where are you located?

We're located one block west of Veterans Memorial / Stuebner Airlines Dr on FM1960.

Our address - 4714 FM 1960 W, Suite# 112, Houston TX 77069.

Is auto glass replacement covered under my insurance?

If you have comprehensive insurance, you're almost certainly covered for auto glass replacement. We are an approved auto glass company for all major insurance companies. We handle any auto glass related insurance claim, from initial estimates to replacement to direct billing, quickly and professionally.

What if I don't have or don't want to go through insurance?

Don't worry, we'll give you a very affordable quote. And we also accept credit cards, checks and cash.

What types of auto glass do you offer?

At Siri Auto Glass, we offer both aftermarket and OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) quality glass. While OEM quality glass is of a much higher quality than the aftermarket glass, in most cases we only charge around $30 more for it - so you get top quality at a very affordable price! windshield repair Jacinto City

Why should I opt for the higher priced OEM quality glass and bonding?

Structural support in crashes - The windshield of your vehicle and the bonding used to adhere it serve as a 'shield' for everyone inside the car. A high-quality, strongly bonded windshield can help prevent the roof from caving in during an accident.

Save time - After a windshield is replaced, you have to wait till the bonding 'cures' before you can drive the vehicle. Low quality bonding material takes as long as 24 hrs to cure, while high quality bonding material can cure in as little as 30 min.

Is Siri Auto Glass a reliable and reputable company?

  1. 1. Experienced - in the auto glass business for over 5 years
  2. 2. Certified - all our technicians are certified by the National Glass Association windshield repair Pearland
  3. 3. Preferred Provider - with most insurance companies
  4. 4. OEM Quality Auto Glass & Materials
  5. 5. Satisfaction Guaranteed :)

Do you provide any warranty?

At Siri Auto Glass, every replacement we do comes with Lifetime Warranty: the auto glass installation will be free of leaks and defects in workmanship and materials for as long as you own your car.

What zipcodes in Missouri City do you serve?

We provide mobile service to all of these zip codes: 77489, 77459

Windshield Replacement Missouri City TX

Windshield can be termed as the front window of the vehicle. Modern windshields are designed in such a way that it remains in one piece even if broken as mandated by law in almost all countries. This is very different from the windshields of the past. The first windshields were made up of glasses used in window panes and would shatter in sharp pieces and cause grievous and often fatal injuries. They were replaced by windshields made from toughened glass which would fragment into harmless small pieces when broken.

The main uses of the windshield are to protect the occupants of the car from wind and other fling objects such as dirt, stones, insects etc.. To provide support to the roof of the vehicle. Modern windshields are designed in such a way that they would protect the occupants in case the car rolls over.

Auto Glass Missouri City TX

Technological advances have made the windshield a safety device just as the seat belt and the air bags yet they remain as one of the most breakable parts of the vehicle. The most obvious cause of windshield damage is accidents which could leave a damage ranging from a small crack or chip to the compete smashing. Vandalism and hooliganism are also responsible for damage to the windshield. At times the crack is so microscopic that it is very difficult to detect but it increases due to a number of factors. Some of the factors responsible are:

Structural weakness – During the process of manufacturing two layers of glass are pressed on the laminated inner lining. This puts a lot of stress making the edges and the area around it weak.

Flying debris – A small piece of stone which has been fired backwards after picked up by the tire in front may be enough to cause a crack or chip on the windshield. The reason is that the impact of the stone increases manifold doe to the high velocity of the vehicle.

Weather conditions – A severe hailstorm can leave behind several holes on the windshield. Apart from hails wind, rain and ice storm can quicken the damage. High speed winds put tremendous pressure on the windshield causing the damage to extend more. Moisture can worsen the damage much quicker than expected thus rain or snow which lead to accumulation of moisture could prove to be very harmful.

Temperature variation – Glass has the property to expand in heat and contract in cold. This property of glass could quicken the damage. If there is a large variation in temperature in the inner layer and outer layer, one layer would expand while the other layer would contract leading to widening of crack.

Driving with damaged windshield could attract penalties for traffic violations in many states. A damaged windshield may obscure the vision of the driver thus putting in peril the lives of not only those sitting in the car but also those on the road. Texan laws are not that strict. One would be penalised only if the crack or chip is in the line of vision of the driver. It is up to the discretion of the trooper to decide whether the crack or chip is affecting the vision. It is advisable not to drive the car even if the crack is not affecting the vision of the driver as due to the damage the windshield has weakened and a jolt might widen the crack making it dangerous.

Auto Glass Repair Missouri City TX

The first thing that one should do is to call an auto glass Missouri City TX expert for assistance. Most windshield replacement Missouri City experts provide mobile services and could come to location to assess the damage and recommend the action to be taken. Care should be taken to ensure that the installer is registered with AGRSS and the mechanics that he employs are trained by the National Glass Association.

Though it is not advisable to drive with a damaged windshield but it is possible that at times the damage cannot be taken care of immediately. In such a case one should take certain precautions to ensure that the damage is not further aggravated.

A clear tape must be put across the chip or crack. Care should be taken to ensure that the tape is not in the line of vision of the driver. It is important to do this to prevent accumulation of dirt in the crack or chip as dirt would make the repair difficult. Do not use the car unless absolutely necessary as the crack might widen due to regular use. Do not put pressure on the windshield by slamming the doors hard. Washing of the car should be avoided as moisture hastens the process of damage. Park the car in shade as the heat built up in the car if it is parked in the sun could widen the cracks. To counter the effect of temperature variation it is advisable not to use the heater and air conditioner at full blast.

Auto Glass Replacement Missouri City TX

Windshield damage in days gone by burnt a hole in your pocket as the only option left was to replace the same. Thanks to modern technology windshield damage might cost you nothing. This is possible because the windshield can be repaired and many insurance companies pay up the whole cost of repair. If your windshield has been damaged you should get in touch with an auto glass Missouri City TX expert who would inspect the damage to decide whether the same should be replaced or repaired. If the crack is less than 12 inches or the chip is less than a quarter an auto glass repair Missouri City TX expert will be able to repair the same and save you money.

Using a special tool which gets affixed directly to the glass he would inject a special resin in the crack or chip. After this the resin would be cured and polished to ensure that the strength and clarity of the windshield is restored. At times chip or crack spreads to the sandwiched plastic inner lining. In this case a passage will be made to the lining by drilling and the resin would be inserted directly in the plastic. If the crack or chip is very small, epoxy might be put in it. The crack or chip would be visible but it would not spread further.

The entire repair process is surprisingly not time consuming and takes one hour or even less. Many auto glass repair Missouri City TX installers provide services of repairing the windshield at your home or office. Thus by the time you finish your work or take a short nap, your windshield damage problem would have been solved.

When a windshield is damaged one faces a dilemma – whether it should be repaired or replaced. An auto glass Missouri City TX expert can help you overcome this dilemma. Once called the auto glass replacement Missouri City TX specialist would inspect the damage and suggest you the remedy. His suggestion would be based on the extent and location of the damage.

It is likely that the auto glass replacement Missouri City TX specialist would recommend replacement of the windshield if The crack is larger than 12 inches or the chip is larger than a quarter. The location of the crack or chip is near the edge of the windshield as the same is likely to wilt under pressure more. The location of the damage is in the line of vision of the driver. In such case replacement is recommended even if the crack or chip is small as repair leaves some behind distortions which may prove dangerous.

If the auto glass Missouri City TX specialist recommends replacement of windshield it should be done at the earliest as further damage can prove to be disastrous. The windshield replacement Missouri City TX expert would first remove the damaged windshield. He would take care that the pinch weld (window frame which holds the windshield in place) is not damaged. Damage to the pinch weld may result in the adhesive not sealing correctly and the same would leak.

The windshield replacement Missouri City TX expert would then choose the correct windshield to be used for replacement. It is highly recommended that Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) windshield is chosen. Then special adhesive is applied to the pinch weld and the edges of the windscreen. After this the new windshield is installed. Care should be taken to ensure that adequate time is given to the adhesive to set as driving before the adhesive is set may result is windshield moving in the pinch weld and not sealing properly to the frame. This could be very dangerous as the windshield might pop up in case of impact endangering the occupants of the car.

Missouri City TX Windshield and Auto Glass

Repairing the windshield is much cheaper than replacing the same. It is usually one fourth or even one tenth of the cost of replacement. Normally $ 40 to $ 50 is charged for the 1st crack while $ 10 is charged for each additional crack. Special treatment might be required if the crack is more than 3 inches still the cost of repairing will be much lower/ One could get a deal from the insurance company. As the repairing cost is much lower than the replacement many insurance companies, looking at the amount they would save, are more than willing to waive off the deductibles. Thus it is possible that you might get your windshield repaired absolutely free!

The cost of replacement would depend upon the model of the car and the type of the new windshield chosen. It is important to factor in the cost of the windshield moulding kit and installation charges in the same. The replacement costs anything from $ 300 to $ 1300. One might be surprised that cost of the windshield may vary for the same model. This is because many local dealers offer non-OEM windshield. These windshields are much cheaper than the expensive OEM windshield and claim to offer similar clarity, quality and safety. But most windshield replacement Missouri City experts recommend that only OEM windshields should be used. According to them the reason is that most non-OEM windshields are not made from the original mould but from the copy of the mould. Thus such windshield may not be of correct dimensions or may be thin compromising on the integrity of the windshield. Windshields are covered by almost all auto insurance policies. So in case of replacement you might have to pay the deductibles and the insurance company will pay the rest of the amount.